Patrick Josephs
Chief Investment Officer, Managing Director, & Financials PM
Valuations Analyst at KPMG
Roman Szul
Managing Director & Foreign Exchange PM
Sales and Trading Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Jenna Florendo
Managing Director & Real Estate PM
Private Wealth Solutions Analyst at The Blackstone Group
Rebecca Coughlin
Risk Manager & Industrials PM
Sales and Trading Analyst at Goldman Sachs
Jennifer Dunn
Risk Manager & Commodities PM
Corporate Banking Analyst at Citigroup
Emilie Frangione
Equity Team Leader & TMT PM
TMT Investment Banking Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Spencer Hughes
Market Coordinator & Healthcare PM
Debt Capital Markets Analyst at Santander Investment Securities
Gregory Mo
Chief Economist & Fixed Income PM
Corporate Finance Analyst at L'Oréal
Patrick O'Donnell
Monthly Reporter & Energy PM
Analyst at Fidelity Investments
James O'Hara
Technical Analyst & Consumer Staples PM
Private Capital Advisory Analyst at Lazard
Federico Raffetti
Macro Team Leader & Emerging Markets PM
Emerging Markets Investment Banking Analyst at Goldman Sachs
Joseph Reed
ESG Team Leader & Utilities PM
Buy Side Asset Management Analyst at Arrowmark Partners
Patryk Wadolowski
Macro Team Leader & Materials PM
Analyst at Regal Healthcare Capital Partners
Bernard Zhang
Equity Team Leader & Consumer Discretionary PM
Ayesha Afridi
TMT Analyst
Investment Banking Credit Risk Analyst at J.P. Morgan
Paul An
Healthcare Analyst
William Brant
Foreign Exchange Analyst
Junior Trader at Argo Partners
Grant Burg
Consumer Discretionary Analyst
US Wealth Advisory Analyst at BlackRock
Edward Chaves
Energy Analyst
Private Equity Analyst at Rocket Strategies, LLC
Caroline Johnson
Materials Analyst
Private Equity Intern at Littlejohn & Co.
Ryan Kerley
Real Estate Analyst
Christopher Maita
Utilities Analyst
Sales & Trading Summer Analyst at Oppenheimer & Co.
Danyi Peng
Financials Analyst
Assistant at Roland Berger
George Sloane
Commodities Analyst
Louis Springer
Consumer Staples Analyst
Liam Todd
Industrials Analyst
TMT Investment Banking Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Nicholas Wetzel
Fixed Income Analyst
M&A Investment Banking Analyst at Goldman Sachs
Yao Yao
Emerging Markets Analyst